Welcome to Raindance Cosmetics – Natural & Organic!

Inspired by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Raindance was created to provide Canadians access to safe, healthy personal care products that are also beautiful and delicious to use!

We are a family business selling only products that we use in our own home!  Our Research page explains why we found it necessary to offer alternatives.   Raindance carries a unique, trustworthy collection of brands and we have them on hand for quick shipping within Canada …. no surprise duties or delays:)

Our Raindance Signature Line is wholesome, vegan,  tested on willing friends & family (never animals), packaged in glass and made in Ontario, Canada.

We have samples ($1.99-$2.99) so you are sure the colour is perfect! Most are packaged in vegetable cellulose wrap that biodegrades in the soil so please compost them.

****NEW!!    Our cosmetic colours (lipsticks, foundations & blushes) are now catalogued and colour samples are available for viewing at The Market (organic & local food store) SOON to be The Barn eco co-op on hwy 26 west of Thornbury, ON!

JULY 2015    The Barn eco co-op will include Raindance Cosmetics!      http://thebarncoop.ca/      

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